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Thursday, 30 March 2017

BREXIT is on

BREXIT is on

BREXIT has been triggered....

Theresa May pulls the trigger: the process of Britain leaving the EU is under way. There is no turning back, said the PM. The two-year countdown to BREXIT has begun.

Jon Snow is in Westminster getting all the political reaction, while Jackie Long is talking to the people of Hull who voted resoundingly in favour of BREXIT .

Meanwhile, Matt Frei is in Brussels where there was plenty of sadness about this divorce, but also some real steeliness. Adding a few veiled threats and some very clear red lines.

What do you think happy or about to set up another pointless online petition to overturn the referendum result?

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Donald Trump Fails In Court

Trump Fails To Close Deal On Health Care Repeal

The president told the House GOP there will be primaries if his repeal fails, but conservatives said they “do not have the votes.”

He also said to vote for the repeal or lose your seat in the next elections. Despite this his executive order to abolish parts of Obamacare were not repealed.

With a House vote on the Republican plan set for Thursday, both more moderate and more conservative lawmakers are raising serious objections and questions about whether the bill can pass.

Trump argued that the party’s future ― and by extension, his legacy ― is on the line. And if members did not fall in line, especially the conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus, Republicans would pay a price.

Speaker of the house Paul Ryan says he is ‘Very Impressed’ With Trump’s Handling Of Obamacare Repeal.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Donald Trump more popular than Democrats, GOP and the news

Donald Trump more popular than Democrats, GOP and the news

The Jimmy Dore Show

A new poll has shown across the US that President Trump is more popular than Hillary, the Democrats, the GOP and Mainstream News.

America is on the way to fascism. 

When the corporations run the country - and all Trumps cabinet are business men who I have no doubt will do things in their own interest. We are on a rocky road.

Pretty bad when Trump is more popular than the whole Government (both sides) and the nightly news.

When Democratic news agencies like MSBC are not even helping their own party by thinking
logically such as - "Oh Bernie has more support than Hillary the neo-con, corporatist, Wall St owned, warmonger Clinton. Despite everyone in the country seemingly to hate her, even Democrats, we should still make her the candidate for our party. We can do this through lies, not polling properly, disenchanting Bernie supporters and basically fixing it for her to get the nomination. To top it off we can use the CIA's leaked new system to blame it on Russia when it was all done at Langley".

What do you think when Trump is the worst liked President in polls taken that he is still more popular than the Democrats?

The Jimmy Dore Show

Friday, 3 March 2017

President Donald Trump Defends Russian Ties

President Donald Trump Defends Russian Ties

Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump in Twitter war over Russian contacts. 

President Donald Trump went after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Twitter, and Schumer fired right back. CBSN's Reena Ninan and Tony Dokoupil have details on the political spat over the mens ties with Russia and Putin.

Chuck Todd: Donald Trump’s comments on Russia indicate possible "re-evaluation of Vladimir Putin".

NBC political director Chuck Todd joins Sunday TODAY's Willie Geist to discuss a court’s decision to reject the request to immediately restore the Trump administration’s travel ban and Trump's new comments about Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Todd acknowledges the White House’s growing pains but says the West Wing got “its act together” this week, "at least, organisationally."

As long as we don't end up in World War III I don't care.