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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

BREXIT - MPS to get a vote

BREXIT - MPS to get a vote

38 Degrees

This is from 38 degrees who wanted to stay in the EU despite the country voting to leave.

From 38 Degrees

It’s official. Our MPs are getting a vote on BREXIT. Their decision will define our country for generations to come. It’ll change the lives of all of us living here.

Every day, MPs argue about what kind of BREXIT would be best for British people. But so far, we - the actual people - have been completely left out of the discussion.

This is our chance to change that, and it starts today. There are millions of us across the length and breadth of this country. If we work together, we can mount a massive campaign to make sure that before our MPs vote, they listen - really listen - to what we want from BREXIT.

With each step of BREXIT, we can make sure MPs are feeling the heat from us. We can drown out the lobbyists, the big business interests, the political insiders - and make sure parliament hears our demand for a BREXIT that works for the many, not the few.

But we’ll be taking on giants. It’ll be a long, hard slog. And it won’t come cheap.

Years from now, our history books will have a chapter dedicated to 2017 and BREXIT.

Nigel Farage knows it. The tabloids know it. The MPs campaigning to ignore the result of the referendum know it. Big business lobbyists know it too. That’s why they’re all working night and day to push their different BREXIT agendas. They’d much rather people like you and me kept quiet.

Days like today are no time to sit back and see what happens. If you chip in today, here’s how we can work together to make sure our voices are heard during the BREXIT negotiations

We can train and organise thousands of 38 Degrees members to meet our MPs and take our crowd sourced plan for BREXIT straight into the heart of government.

We can hire a crack team of analysts and investigators to run through the government’s plans for BREXIT with a fine-tooth comb - and expose the plans that put us or the issues we care about at risk.

We can scale up the 38 Degrees staff team dedicated to BREXIT, to make sure our people-powered plan is all over the media, in parliament and everywhere Theresa May turns.

We can pay for billboards, leaflets, Facebook ads and events in parliament to make sure MPs can’t miss our demands about what we want from BREXIT.

Today, we have a choice: sit back and watch the BREXIT deal happen without us. Or stand up for what we believe in, and do what we can to get the best deal possible. Robert - will you do your bit and chip in?

Chip in as much as you can afford to help the cause >

On our own, BREXIT can feel too big to take on. But that’s the magic of 38 Degrees. When we take action together, we’re more than a match for any politician.

Just look what we did when we were faced with TTIP, the biggest corporate takeover attempt in our lifetime. Thousands upon thousands of us joined together and we brought that dangerous deal to its knees.

We need to harness that same energy and passion now to get the BREXIT deal we need and deserve.

Thanks for all you do,

David and the 38 Degrees team

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Donald Trump offers the UK a fast and fair trade deal

With all the scare stories of BREXIT causing Britain's demise, remember BREXIT could be a good thing, just like pulling out of the ERM was. We devalued, exported goods, our GDP grew and finally politicians from both Labour and the Tories could see there was little point in joining the Euro.

Trump loves the fact we voted OUT for BREXIT and he is ready to give us a great trade deal ASAP. Wouldn't that shove two fingers up Merkel for her to see us getting business deals with the USA plus the Commonwealth.

Deals with Australia, India, Canada and South Africa some of the most biggest emerging markets in the world plus all the other countries in the commonwealth are going to be needed and sorted fast and they are all lining up to get in the queue.

The country clearly voted to leave despite their being split down the middle between the cities and towns who benefit from the foreign labour and those who have seen their factories off shored, no job opportunities and bosses undercutting their wages by hiring Romanians and Poles to do the work for half the price.

There is no denying the voters who wanted to leave won the popular vote, 17,410,742 (to leave) v 16,141,242 (to remain), that's right down the middle at 51.% v 48.1%.

Yes the country is divided but apart from some dips in shares that then rose again - I bet a few bankers made a mint on that curve in our price - we have yet to see Armageddon yet in the UK.

So far BREXIT, seems like the first year of WWII, when we were at war but no fighting had began between British and German troops.

Obviously we haven't declared article 50 but Europeans are not stupid about the fact we are their biggest trading partner and putting extreme import tariffs on our goods into the EU will just lead to a trade war where we lower corporation tax to encourage companies to base themselves here and other policies that I am sure we have to use.

What do you think of BREXIT so far, apart from the loss of value in your wallet when shopping what have you noticed apart from less Polish car washers at garages?

Remember there is no need to spend 6+ years on a trade deal between the EU and Canada and the reason is that the EU is made up of northern industrial nations like Germany and southern tourist countries like Greece and Spain. Both areas want different things and trying to please all 20+ members to the same thing just isn't going to happen.

However the UK by itself can negotiate on it's own terms and not worry about French subsidies for farmers and German car makers when they make their deals.

They can undercut tariffs and other taxes and make it much more profitable to come and set up shop in the UK as the establishment papers scare us all saying everyone is moving offshore.

In my eyes, it's best to initiate article 50 ASAP so we can leave the EU free market and have a world wide market with all the various nations already scrambling to do deals with us without worrying about the EU.

So will the pound crush so low it will be worth squat or will it help our export industry to boom and encourage foreign companies to come and set up shop here?

Who knows but have a vote at the top of the page if you haven't so far.