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Monday, 26 September 2016

Jonathan Pie on the end of BREXIT

Jonathan Pie on the end of BREXIT

To All my US friends this is satire so please don't go mental when viewing it thinking it's a real NEWS channel.

Jonathan Pie is a well known satirist in the UK and has made many political based videos which you can watch at his channel on YouTube.

As Johnathan Pie says about the video "Westminster is covered in blood and's time to clean up" according to himself..

How do you feel months on from the BREXIT vote.

Have you changed you mind since the vote months ago or has nothing really changed around you for you to be worried about?

Has it moved to the slowest exit of a political body ever or should Article 50 be enacted immediately so we can leave the EU as soon as as possible.

Take your vote above in the header if you have't already..

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