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Saturday 23 November 2019

Why are the Democrats trying to impeach Trump for asking about Democrat Quid Pro Quo?

The impeachment of Donald Trump

By Dark Politricks

This is really a farce. There have been so many other things the Democrats could have tried impeaching Trump on but as soon as they got enough Congressmen and women in the House they went for the first thing they could find, an overheard phone call that may or may not have been Trump asking for a favour.

The Democrats are as corrupt if not worse than the Republicans, Hillary sold Uranium to the Russians and then got them to pay Bill Clinton a whopping fee to make a poxy speech just so they money could go into their Clinton Foundation which hasn't done that much apart from maybe pay certain people to cover up mistakes and whistle blowers.

Mistakes such as the odd killing of Seth Rich, a DNC worker who was killed late at night, not robbed of a wallet or watch or car but maybe a thumb drive. All this for providing WikiLeaks with the information that Hillary was using State collected funds for the election for herself rather than sharing it out as it should have been and was tarnishing her opponent Bernie Sanders who was much more popular than her.

She may have had small lovey dovey money grabbing collections at Wall St but Bernie did it himself and look how far he has come. He has literally single handily (apart from Joe Biden who lives in the Korean war still) made the party move to the left and more progressive.

You can be sure that when the election comes - in a year - that Trump will be throwing the words Socialist and Communist around at his rallies as his supporters don't even realise they live in a semi socialist state already.

Do they all have their own roads, electricity lines and schools per family, no, the country has built infrastructure and required groups of people such as School teachers, Police and Firemen to work for the good of the whole community not just one, that is socialism.

Not that Trump supporters will understand this. They hear the words "a social democratic society" and think of Venezuela and China not Denmark, The UK or Canada.

So now that Trump is in trouble at last lets listen to a breakdown of what is going on.

Here the Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the geopolitical back story of Ukraine and Obama's coup in 2014, which has now taken us to the #Ukrainegate impeachment hoax levied against US President Trump but not the very people who pillaged the country 5 years ago.


And if you can manage to read English subtitles over this Russian report on #UkraineGate then it is worth watching as Kiev insiders admit to interfering in the 2016 US Election on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats against #Trump.


By Dark Politricks

©2019 Dark Politricks

Thursday 13 December 2018

Donald Trump Threatens A New American Revolution If Impeached

Donald Trump Threatens A New American Revolution If Impeached

After the jailing of Donald Trump's lawyer for basically paying off women the President had slept with the first of the Trump team to take a cell mattress instead of a bed for their leader has occurred.

The President hit back however with a Tweet that implied that their would be a revolution if he was ever impeached.

The question many people are asking due to Trump's fondness for dictators and strongmen leaders of countries that chop people's heads off and kill journalists just because it's "business" is, will Trump step down when his time is up or is impeached?

To get round Trump pardoning himself for federal crimes some of his business activities and meetings are being held in New York which would mean the state would have the power to put him on the stand and even jail him. I guess it would then be up to whoever wins the next election to pardon him then.

Just imagine if Hillary Clinton ran in 2020 and got elected with Trump in jail!

To many people believe Trump is ruining their countries standing in the world and driving us towards WW3 with Russia.

This is what makes Democrats and their MIC contributors and mouth pieces on MSM TV go on about Russiagate when they should be investigating the Podesta emails and the Clinton foundation, especially the Uranium 1 sale to Russia.

How can Trump be in Putin's pocket as they say when he has imposed sanctions on them, expelled spies, threatened them in regards to Syria not to attack their last CIA backed Jihadist stronghold and is placing missiles in counties all around Russia's border.

If anything it seems Trump is pushing towards an aggressive and maybe pre-emptive war with the Russians rather than working for them.

How some people on the left cannot see this dichotomy is any one's guess.

A pro-Russian President who is trying to start a war with them?

Anyway this video from TruNews looks at the details of the recent trials and tribulations in the White House.

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Friday 9 March 2018

BREXIT The Campaign to stay in the EU is far from over....

BREXIT, The Campaign to stay in the EU and ignore result is far from over...

38 Degrees Logo
MPs are in a massive row about BREXIT.

[1] They're split on the issue of a 'customs union' with the EU. 

That’s an agreement that’d make it easier for us to trade with EU countries, but make it harder for us to strike independent trade deals with other parts of the world after we BREXIT. [2] It sounds like jargon, but it could affect our everyday lives, from jobs to the cost of our weekly shop. [3]

What our MPs decide in the next few weeks could change the future of BREXIT. But right now, the decision hangs in the balance. That means MPs' constituents - people like you and me! - have a lot of power.

Together, it’s up to us to decide if 38 Degrees should get involved in this debate. We could choose to pick a side. Or we could choose to be neutral and focus on other campaigns.

Please will you fill out this short survey to help decide what 38 Degrees should do about the customs union? We'll only campaign on this if 75% or more of us agree it's the right thing for 38 Degrees.

Here's the first question to get you started, and some facts to help you decide:

Should 38 Degrees campaign on the issue of a customs union with the EU?

Yes - campaign for a customs union with the EU

Yes - campaign against a customs union with the EU

No - stay out of the issue entirely

I'm not sure

If we were in a customs union:*

• UK companies that trade with the EU would be able to do business with Europe more easily - because they wouldn't be subject to customs checks or have any extra fees to pay.

Companies from countries in the EU wouldn't have to pay extra fees to sell products in the UK either. That means the price of European products we buy in the shops should be similar to what we pay now.

But we wouldn't get to arrange our own trade deals with non-EU countries, unless we negotiate with the EU to do so.

The UK might need to meet new conditions to be part of a customs union without being an EU member, but won’t have formal voting power in the EU.

If we weren't in a customs union:* [5]

The UK could negotiate its own trade deals with other non-EU countries independently.

The UK would have more control over how we trade with the rest of the world, decided by our government.

It could be more difficult for UK companies to do business in Europe, because they would have extra work to comply with EU regulations, and might have to pay extra fees to sell products in countries part of the EU.

Products coming from European countries into the UK could cost more, because they could have extra fees attached to them for coming into the UK. *This is based on us entering and leaving a customs union that is the same as the one we are currently in. (Thanks to Full Fact, the independent fact-checking charity, for their input on this list.) [6]

Should 38 Degrees campaign on the issue of a customs union with the EU?

Yes - campaign for a customs union with the EU

Yes - campaign against a customs union with the EU

No - stay out of the issue entirely

I'm not sure

38 Degrees members - that's people like you who sign petitions and email MPs - decided together to stay neutral on the EU referendum. But this is a fresh decision, because being part of a customs union is a different choice - about the kind of BREXIT we want.

38 Degrees is made up of different people, with different backgrounds, from all over the UK. We didn't all vote the same way in the EU referendum. Some of us voted Leave, and some of us voted Remain.

Since the results were announced, we've been working together to make sure BREXIT is as people-powered as possible. And it's working: last year, hundreds of thousands of us forced Theresa May to back down on plans to give herself the power to rewrite UK laws behind closed doors after BREXIT. [7] It's proof that when we come together, we can shape BREXIT.

Thanks for being involved,

Jess, Maggie, Ellie, Becca and the rest of the 38 Degrees team

So there you go. The people of this country voted more on feelings than facts and most of the facts we were provided were incorrect, unknown at the time or made up.

You can vote in the BREXIT poll at the top of the page about whether you would change your mind if there was another referendum held today.

The EU Commissioners want to punish us for leaving to persuade other countries from leaving as well so they are not going to make any bargaining over economic deals easy for Theresa, Boris and Davis in the slightest. However the EU must realise we are one of their biggest trading partners and they need us to buy their German cars and retire in Spain as we did before we even joined this thing called the 'European Union'/

I think if we can help Syria fight off the Axis of Wars (CIA/MI6/Mossad etc) trained jihadists, ISIL, FSA, al-Nusra. Who are all trying to other-throw President Assad whilst Turkey buys oil from ISIL, jails any journalists talking about it and shoots down Russian planes that have proved the daily snake like trails of oil laden trucks going from ISIL held positions into Turkey, then that would be a great start.

If we just stayed out of Syria and Iraq and let the countries invited by Syria, to do the fighting e.g Russia, Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah from Lebanon and Kurdish militias. Countries and groups that Syria invited into Syria to help their struggle which was going really well with Russian air support  coordinated with Syrian troops on the ground that did more to defeat the rebels in a few months than it had for Western Nations who had taken years, trying to find 'safe, softer, more cuddly' Jihadists that could be used to attack President Assad as we fought ISIL.

The problem was that these groups like the Free Syrian Army were just as bad as ISIL, selling captured journalists to IS so they could be decapitated for propaganda in Gitmo dress, and films of their leaders cutting open dead Syrian soldiers bodies and eating their hearts and innards then putting the video on, that the Americans has to admit in Congressional hearings that they only had a few dozen DOD trained soldiers trained and ready to be used.

The problem was that the Axis of War was training the real rebels and and at one stage it was discovered that the DOD was actually fighting the CIA in Syria.

America v the USA, that is some sort of clusterfuck that goes to show what happens when Colonial countries like France and the UK draw arbitrary lines in the sand to create countries and put dictators that they can control to run them fall apart all the old grievances and issues that were there before Iraq was just drawn in the sand when really it should have been 3 separate countries, the Shi'ites in the south near their brethren in Iran, Sunnis in the middle and a Kurdish state in the north.

It is this Kurdistan that the reckless NATO Turks have only just joined the no fly zone coalition so they could bomb Kurdish positions that help their fellow Kurds in Turkey. They have been oppressed by both Iraq and Turkey for decades and it would show we were 'helping' to redraw lines of nations that should have been made sensibly after WWI.

If we just allowed the nations invited to Syria to help defeat ISIL, which was nearly complete until, the US deep state ramped up their jihadist combat troops, fooling their MSM watching fools with false stories of news on Sarin gassing, which has only ever been proved to have been carried out by the rebels with help from Turkey.

Then we would not only save a lot of money, soldiers lives and injuries as well as show we can sit down with Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey to solve the problem, but we could also halt the millions of refugees coming into the EU, because they believe it is some sort of shining city on a hill when the reality is it is a crumbling, broke and joke of a situation

Their would be less 'political correctness gone mad stories' about refugees raping German and Danish girls, French and Belgium people shooting up churches, nightclubs and bars in the name of ISIS and less trucks and cars being driven into people in London.

We should also have kept better track on the people leaving EU countries to visit Syria or Turkey and coming back to spread their 7th century gospel of hate. The Mosques they visited should have been investigated a lot more and by staying out of the American Empires take over off the world the EU would not be seen to be supporting a clash of civilizations as well getting on better with Russia who is being surrounded by NATO bases, something they promised not to do if the Berlin Wall fell.

Do you really want a nuclear war with Russia over Hillary Clinton losing her Presidential race to a game show host? 

Despite headlines of crazy proportions in the USA, Russia has helped us sort out Syria by removing their chemical weapons, hammered out a deal with Iran that would see them not make strong enough Uranium to produce a nuclear weapon and provide the US deep state with a "pee pee' tape so that if they ever wanted to get rid of him fast it would help.

A few Troll farms not connected to the Russian state had nothing to do with the US 2016 election, although the Democrats would like you to think it did and they are carrying on this stupid charade to over up Hillary's embarrassing loss to a non politician, who has been duplicitous, changed all his campaign rhetoric so his supporters have been screwed over by tax and health bills whilst the rich have got even richer.

We are the ones antagonizing Russia. We supported an illegal coup of Ukraine along with America that put neo-Nazis into power. The CIA has probably assassinated more Presidents and Prime Ministers than any other country and if we wanted to deescalate with Russia we should look at it from their side.

Remember Russia has been attacked 3 times in the last couple of hundred years from the west through the Ukraine. It's why the Ukrainians saw the Nazi arrival as liberation from Soviet Control and the mistrust and hatred between many on the east who have both Russian and Ukrainian passports and the neo-nazis on the west is huge. Remember Russia lost more civilians and soldiers during the second World War than nearly all other countries combined and the biggest tank battle of the 2nd world war took place in the Ukraine, the battle of the Kursk.

About 1/3rd of all Germany’s military strength was concentrated in the area and they had grouped 900,000 soldiers in the region, 10,000 artillery guns, 2,700 tanks and 2,000 aircraft. The Russians had 1.3 million soldiers, 20,000 artillery pieces, 3,600 tanks and 2,400 planes. It was many times bugger than any battle fought on the western front and if you include all the civilians and soldier lost in that war (40 million+), plus the invasions of Germany in WWI and earlier by Napoleon you can see why the Soviets at the end of the USSR dominance of Eastern Europe wanted a 'Buffer' zone between themselves and NATO.

A promise which was quickly broken and it is no surprise Putin is being belligerent about hypocritical matters the US calls Russia such as their 14 troll farms that placed a few Facebook adverts which is all over the news and is supposed to have stopped Hillary Clinton from winning.

  • This is despite her lack of campaigning.
  • Her ill health, visible to all.
  • Her empty rallies when compared to her Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders who we found out that the DNC (who control the party) were pushing him and his popular policies away into a drone of 'No Trump' slogans and no attempt to act Democratic.
  • She is both a neo-liberal and neo-con. She would probably already be at war with Russia by now if elected and the grand conspiracy went both ways except she used an ex British spy as a middle man to gain info on Trump from Ukrainian and Russian sources;
  • She lied to Congress, failed to allow the FBI to inspect her computers after 'shouting fire' that the Russians had hacked the DNC.
  • True computer experts have proved the amount of data taken from these personal servers was so much that only a manual USB plugged into a computer could have had the speed necessary to transfer all the Podesta and DNC Emails that were leaked to WikiLeaks and a remote hack would not have worked. This makes the botched robbery of DNC staff worker Seth Rich in which nothing was robbed but he was shot even more puzzling. The Clinton's are part of the deep state and you cannot embarrass them in anyway shape or form.
  • Then to lose to the worst game show GOP candidate, who can hardly put a coherent sentence together must be so embarrassing. No wonder she has all the left wing and establishment newspapers and news shows try and distract the people with stories of RUSSIAGATE on the mainstream news.
  • The change in Google's algorithm who are publicly admitting to working with the NSA and CIA to introduce AI drones to kill more people. Yes Terminator is becoming a reality. This change has meant blogs like and many others lose money as CNN and FOX News are considered authoritative sources whilst alternative media isn't.

Therefore we can leave the EU and drift off towards the Americans more and more looking Stazi, high tech Surveillance state where they are planning to build AI drones to kill Americans in far away countries at any hour of the day, whether someone is at the controls or not. Skynet is coming to the US it seems as they kick out all the migrants that founded the country.

Or we can let the Tories negotiate with the EU hardball players and probably force us to have another referendum or if they want to be sneeky and break all their promises then they will have a vote in parliament over the final agreement.

We may even see the return of Nigel Farage on the political landscape if the referendum result is not kept to. 

It's not all doom and gloom. We already have many commonwealth countries and others knocking on our door wanting trade agreements with us, such as Australia and Canada. We could thrive or we could drown in the sea of choppy political waters.

Tell me and 38 degrees what you think.


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38 Degrees wouldn’t exist without you, Robert.

38 Degrees has no big donors or corporate sponsors. Everything we achieve together is only possible because of fivers and tenners from ordinary people like you. 

Friday 26 January 2018

Democrats Cave In To Trump To Stop Government Shutdown

Democrats Cave To Trump To Stop Government Shutdown

The USA does things differently than over here in the UK and each year they have to fund the government so it can keep going.

The odd thing is that even though they are voting on one thing they can add extra unrelated "pork" into bills to get Senators and Congressmen to support them.

So a bill to protect wildlife in a certain part of the USA might have extra parts added such as money to fund Israel or Veterans. Totally unrelated stuff.

This recent bill fight to keep the government open only a few weeks saw the Republicans demand dozens of things related to their border wall and the Democrats who could have just said no, not until you fund the DREAMERS. These are the DACA recipients that allow people who came here illegally or were born here, never seeing their homeland to stay.

Many are in the military or doing jobs Americans don't want to do.

However from a position of strength the Democrats who could have said "No we will not give you  one vote to fund the Government until we get funding for DACA have caved in like the weaklings they are."

They bent over to their corporate overlords who they now take money from as well as decisions on policies. These corporate Democrats obviously did what their election funders wanted them to do and caved in allowing Trump to get what he wanted whilst they only got a "promise" of a vote on DACA.

Obviously Trump went straight to Twitter to gloat that the Democrats had caved and it just shows how weak a party they really are at the moment.

It also shows what sort of President Trump is when he thinks policy and rebuttals are for him to make himself from his own Twitter account and not official press releases.


The US Senate and House of Representatives voted Monday to approve a short-term budget resolution, putting an end to the partial shutdown of the federal government that began midnight Friday night. The deal leaves 800,000 DACA recipients without protection in what amounts to a total capitulation by Democrats to Trump and the Republicans.
The Senate passed the three-week “continuing resolution,” authorising federal government spending through February 8, by a vote of 81-18, with large majorities of both big-business parties supporting the bill: 48-2 for Republicans, 33-16 for Democrats.
It seems as if the Democrats, even from a position of strength just don't know how to play politics anymore.

Monday 1 January 2018

Ta-Nehisi Coates v Cornell West - Just how Obama is not the new Malcolm X

Ta-Nehisi Coates v Cornell West - Just how Obama is not the new Malcolm X

By Dark Politricks
Secular Talk

Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle, says Cornell West, progressive black elder of the liberal movement.

He doesn't see Obama as any kind of shinning light for the black community, whereas Ta-Nehisi Coates says of him with genuine euphoria:
“As I watched Barack Obama’s star shoot across the political sky ... I had never seen so many white people cheer on a black man who was neither an athlete nor an entertainer. And it seemed that they loved him for this, and I thought in those days ... that they might love me too.”
He also compares him to the last black hero since Malcolm X, where he seems to have missed a few things that President Obama did whilst in office out of his admiration list. Things such as:
  • Increasing the wars the USA was in from 3 to 7 and who knows how many "off book" banana republics the CIA are trying to turn over at the moment.
  • Drone strikes increased allowing PS2 and Xbox generation kids, experts at shooting from the sky to play real life or death scenarios. Sat in a box in Las Vegas they control drones across the world and take out buildings and people who may or may not have any connection with whatever extremest force the Mossad/CIA have created to ensure that the DOD sends troops over to fight there.
  • The implementation of the NDAA which gives the POTUS god like powers and lets him kill even US citizens abroad or at home if he feels they are a threat to the country.
  • The increased surveillance state where scanners at airports show off genitalia to brain-dead FDA staff, or you may be lucky to get a pat down and an accidental finger slipped somewhere. Not nice for the kids to watch for sure. Are there are any studies out that have shown how many terrorist plots these scanners that can easily be bypassed have stopped?
  • The crack down on whistle-blowers and truth to power speakers. He may have let Chelsea Manning out of jail as his pardon present for leaving, but he was the one who put him there in the first place. The war crimes and torture committed by US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other places is a very long list. Videos put up on YouTube of burning Korans and soldiers pissing on dead bodies of people they had just killed, is not the kind of "freedom" that the rest of the world wants. The latest attempt is the Democratic Red Scare and the nonsensical call to label Dr Jill Stein a Russian Agent and ask her to appear before a committee at Congress. It will surely blow up in their faces when she uses cool clean logic to blast them out of the water with real policies that were not heard by the majority during the last election, and hopefully leaving a committee room full of red faces.
  • Allowing the CIA and NSA to do pretty much what they want, whilst selling arms to the most despotic regime on the face of the earth, Saudi Arabia. If one country needs to be taken out of the Middle East it's the Saudi's who are using their alliance with Israel and the USA to increase their battle with Iranian forces. Forces who have helped removed ISIS militants from Syria along with Kurds and Christians.
  • The let off of Wall St after their collapsing of the World Economy in 2008. He should have jailed at least some Banksters like Iceland did. Now out of office and collecting $500,000 payments for after dinner speeches, it looks to a lot of people that he is being paid back from the den of inequity he didn't prosecute or crack down on after they gambled people's wages and pensions away on the stock market.
  • The non prosecution of George W Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes including a preemptive war on Iraq (outlawed by US judges as the worst crime a country could commit against another after WWII at Nuremberg)the torture of enemy soldiers at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib many who were just people picked up by the Northern Alliance and sold to US troops who had nothing to say, nothing to admit and no part played in any anti-US battles. Remember the Taliban are mostly the name we have given the people who already lived in the area we attacked illegally. The Afghani's asked for evidence of bin-Laden's guilt twice and were denied it, as well as offering to hand him over for a fair trial also denied by US HQ. Just imagine if the Chinese invaded the USA. They would be calling all those 2nd amendment tin can shooters a similar name.
  • There are many many more incidences which I could mention but we could go on all night.
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