Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

An Interesting Comment on the EU Referendum

An Interesting Comment on the EU Referendum

I am re-posting a comment I just got from a Peter Bowers on a recent article on the BREXIT Referendum.

I thought I would re-post as I suspect it will reflect the views of many people who like parts of the EU or Europe but not others.

Please feel free to comment with your own views on the EU vote.

I want to stay in the EU but just wish it would be reformed so it goes back to just being a trading block with some shared security and economic policies that are fair to all countries.
I don't like the fact Germany is the most powerful country in the EU and can stamp all over Greece. Both have fiddled their figures during their time in the EU but Germany gets away with it as they are the most powerful nation in the block.
I like being able to travel freely in the EU and don't want to lose the ability to go and move to Spain or France if I wanted to but I also don't want thousands of migrants jumping on vans at the EU tunnel.
It's hard as I know they won't reform as I want them to they have had 50+ years to do so and haven't yet so what hope is there that they will.
What gets me is we haven't heard much about David Cameron's "new deal" with the EU which was supposed to stop us wanting to leave. It obviously isn't worth the paper it is written on otherwise we would be hearing about it all the time.
I agree with quite a lot of that comment. The "Better Together" campaign talk about having to be within the EU to reform it from the inside but they have had over 50 years to make it democratic and all that's happened is that it's become less democratic over time.

I want to be able to travel and live around Europe easily and want free trade and co-operation on security and economic matters.

However what I don't want is a Federal Europe where we are just a state with little power and where our laws are not made in Westminster but Brussels. It is perfectly clear that David Cameron's new agreement with the EU doesn't do any of that. It just makes some small changes to our benefits system, nothing worth mentioning at all.

How do you feel about the "new deal" our Prime Minister made with the EU? 

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