Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What BBC won't tell you about the decline of Britain since 1973 EEC

What BBC won't tell you about the decline of Britain since 1973 EEC

This is a discussion from the radio with journalist, Tony Gosling, about BREXIT, and what the BBC won't tell you about the decline of Britain since joining the EEC in 1973.

He talks about the history of Europe going back to the World War and the de-Nazification of Europe. He reveals how the EU is really a fulfillment of some very old German Bankers desires.

Apparently German banks were buying up large stocks of French and other countries big companies before invading them. They then prevented their army and air forces from bombing or harming these companies during the occupation of the country they were taking over.

The German banks wanted a common market across the EU and Tony puts forward a view that the EU is a fulfillment of NAZI policies with the de-industrialisation of the UK and other European countries.

Remember this is one person's point of view but it's worth listening to.

Do you agree that the German economy and their industries have boomed since the EEC, EU, and that other countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy and the UK have suffered through de-industrialisation?


  1. We suffered de-industrialisation from Maggie Thatchers policies to turn us into a service economy where the City of London basically provided most of our income. This is why we suffered so much during the banking crisis as the banking sector is such a big part of our economy and we have no industries left. Maybe she was a secret NAZI?

  2. I think Tony has a bit of right wing view of history here. Some fact checking is needed on what he is saying. To say the EU was the fullfilment of the NAZI's plans is a bit much I think. I thought conspiracy theorists thought the Bilderbergers had dreamt up the EU anyway?


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