Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Monday, 25 April 2016

Some Points To Think About - BREXIT

Some Points To Think About - BREXIT

As you consider whether to vote yes to leaving the EU or no and staying within it have you thought about all the consequences?

Here are a few points to consider which people bring up all the time when debating BREXIT.
  • The economic benefits or pitfalls of leaving. How much will it hurt your wallet or will you actually have more money if we leave the EU?
  • The democratic decision making that lets laws that affect us come from the EU. The most democratic part of the EU, the EU parliament which we vote our MEP's to, is the least powerful part of the EU. Major decisions are made in the Council of Ministers or the EU Commission.
  • What really are the pro's and cons of being able to control our own borders. Maybe we will stop some migrants that shouldn't be allowed in the country but will France just wave them onto the Eurostar if we leave?
  • Would still have to pay the EU money to be part of the free market as Norway and Switzerland do. This is a major claim of the BREXIT campaigners that we just want a free market and none of the EU super state excess. However there maybe a cost to this and the EU countries may decide we would have to pay to access this market. Do we really have enough countries outside the block to sell our goods to. Can we really make reciprocal arrangements with hundreds of countries or is the benefit of having a single trading block that we deal with more important.
  • What will happen to ex pats living abroad in Spain and other EU countries. Will they have to go and get Visa's and re-apply for citizenship? If we kick out people that shouldn't be here will other countries respond in kind.
  • Would an Australian points style system benefit us or would you miss your cheap £10 car wash and valet at the local garage by the Polish workers running around like bee's for a pittance. Would they be able to get into the county if we had a points style system?
  • What about NHS workers, cleaners and manual workers that we all depend on. Will they be able to stay in the UK?
  • Are benefits really the biggest issue? We spent a trillion pounds in the last decade on wars in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. That money could easily pay for the hole in the pension pot and any benefits we desire. Remember it wasn't the poorest people who caused the economic collapse it was the Bankers. How our taxes are spent should be up for debate and the EU plays a very small part in that when you look at the big picture.
  • If we leave the EU we will still be handing over our banking transaction details (SWIFT) to the USA as we currently do through the EU. GCHQ is the NSA's foothold in Europe, would we lose out on invaluable security information or would the flow of data to and from the USA remain the same?
  • Can we honestly believe a Tory Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act (which the Tories created after World War II) would be worth the paper it was written on. They promised us a rollback of Labour police state policies when they were in coalition with the Lib Dem's who had proposed their own Freedom Bill. However when the combined bill came out it was watered down so much the only important part was the stopping of private car parks to clamp your cars. Compare the original Lib Dem's bill to what we got. Would a Bill of Rights be a new version of the American Bill or a watered down version that gives parliament and corporations more power over us?
These are just a few points to consider. 

Please add your own in the comment box.

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