Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Monday, 25 April 2016

London Mayor Boris Johnson Says Obama Should Stay Out of BREXIT Debate

London Mayor Boris Johnson Says Obama Should Stay Out of BREXIT Debate

London Mayor Boris Johnson called U.S. President Barack Obama a hypocrite on Monday (March 14) in his column for the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

He called Obama's plan to urge British voters to remain in the European Union a "piece of outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy".

"There is an irony in that America is a country that defends its sovereignty, its democracy with more vigilance than any other country I can think of, it refuses to allow its citizens to be subject to any other international jurisdiction whatever. It would not for a minute countenance, pooling its national sovereignty in any way. And so it's curious that we should be urged further down that path," Johnson told reporters during an official visit to London's Olympic Park.

He refused to repeat the word "hypocrite", but when pressed on whether Obama's position on Britain remaining in the EU was hypocritical, Johnson said: "It is, it is. It is not something the United States would dream of doing themselves."

It is reported in UK media that Obama will come to London in April and will likely air his views on a possible Brexit in the upcoming June referendum.

Last year Obama told the BBC that the Britain should stay in the European Union to remain influential on the world stage.

A group of politicians in Britain have told President Obama to stay out of the BREXIT debate.

In a letter, the members said any move would be an “unfortunate milestone”. It was signed by Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, Labour MPs Kelvin Hopkins and Kate Hoey, Tories Tom Pursglove and Peter Bone and the DUP’s Sammy Wilson, according to The Express.

“We have chosen to respectfully request he recognizes matters of sovereignty are best left to the citizens directly affected. We would certainly never think of visiting the United States and telling the U.S. public how to vote in an election,” said Hoey.

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