Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The BREXIT Referendum

The BREXIT Referendum

This is a video about reasons to leave the EU.

The author of the video offers his reasons for leaving the EU which is basically our loss of sovereignty by the UK being in the EU.

However this is one persons view of the EU with some snippets and views from David Cameron and some other people. He fears that if we vote to stay in the EU that the Germans and French would speed up integration knowing that a UK threat of leaving had been neutralised.

They want a federal Europe and they have admitted this over and over again. They want a European army, flag, and shared sovereignty. If we voted to stay in the EU then this push towards a federal Europe could accelerate.

This person discusses what probably many people feel. That they like Europe, travelling to France, Germany and Italy, living and holidaying in Spain. Doing business with European countries and co-operating with them over security and other important matters.

However what they don't like is the concept of a "Federal Europe".

We have a different criminal justice system to most of Europe and don't want to be a "state" like Arkansas in a USA style, federal Europe where our laws are made over the channel and democracy seems further away than it already is.

It ends with a speech by Daniel Hannan in the USA about the rights of man and how the loss of UK freedom due to the EU can be linked back to the founding fathers.


What I must add is that even if we leave the EU we are still living under a Monarchy, a Queen who as "the crown", would probably never be prosecuted for a crime. Can you ever imagine a policeman trying to arrest her, whatever crime she had committed?

So if we want real full control over our lives we would be a republic with an elected President and not a monarch who gets their position by blood and birth and who owns the most land across the world. I do not believe that she is worth paying our taxes to support her luxurious life because she is just a "tourist attraction".

I believe that no-one is above or below me in the hierarchy of life and having a Royal family that our unwritten constitution puts above us is immoral and wrong.

So do you believe that the question of sovereignty is the most important factor in a decision to leave the EU or are other factors more important?


  1. Im voting to leave due to the lack of democracy. We vote for MEP's like Daniel Hannan but the EU parliament has the least amount of power. All the laws are made in the Council of Ministers or the EU Commission.

  2. I want to stay in the EU but just wish it would be reformed so it goes back to just being a trading block with some shared security and economic policies that are fair to all countries. I don't like the fact Germany is the most powerful country in the EU and can stamp all over Greece. Both have fiddled their figures during their time in the EU but Germany gets away with it as they are the most powerful nation in the block. I like being able to travel freely in the EU and don't want to lose the ability to go and move to Spain or France if I wanted to but I also don't want thousands of migrants jumping on vans at the EU tunnel. Its hard as I know they won't reform as I want them to they have had 50+ years to do so and haven't yet so what hope is there that they will. What gets me is we haven't heard much about David Cameron's "new deal" with the EU which was supposed to stop us wanting to leave. It obviously isn't worth the paper it is written on otherwise we would be hearing about it all the time.

    Tough choice!


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