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Friday, 13 May 2016

Nigel Farage calls David Cameron a "Conman"

Nigel Farage calls David Cameron a "Conman"

In a blistering attack on the PM the UKIP leader stuck the boot in as he urged voters to make a stand against Brussels. 

He may have had a few too many beers though!

Days after Mr Cameron continued his Project Fear by suggesting BREXIT could spark World War Three, Mr Farage ramped up the Leave campaign by mocking the PM.

He said: “My message is Dave you’re a conman, you’re a conman."

“You told us two months ago you might consider voting for BREXIT, now you tell us it could cause World War Three.

“If it’s that serious why would you ever take the risk in the first place.

“He is a cheap second-hand car salesman not to be believed and will finish up at the end of this utterly discredited and rightly so.”

The UKIP leader also took aim at Brussels bureaucrats and tore into EU regulations.

He said: “Do you think we should govern our own country, make our own laws, control our own borders and have our own Supreme Court or do you think it better we sub-contract out the running of our nation to a bunch of old men in Brussels we can’t vote for and we can’t remove?

"I know my answer. I want my country back, I want my borders back, I want my passport back, I want my pride and self-respect back.

“Don’t forget there are 5.2 million men and women in this country who run their own companies, act as sole traders, unpaid tax collectors for the Government.

What do you think is our PM a conman over his referendum over BREXIT.

His magic agreement with the EU was supposed to stop us voting to leave but it is so watered down and not worth the paper it is written on no-one believes him anymore.

And here is Nigel Farage on why Big Business love BREXIT....

So how are you going to vote?

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  1. I am with Nigel Camerons piece of magic paper is worth nothing. Waste of time - vote leave!

  2. David Cameron can fuck off all he did was placate his Tory party to prevent ancient splits over Europe but now he realises his plan has failed and is ramping up project fear which if he had any sense he would know has the opposite effect as people just don't trust politicians. So when he comes out with crap like BREXIT would start WWW3 we just ignore him and see it as another scare tactic and it makes us want to vote leave even more - moron!


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