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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

BBC Video on why we should stay in the EU

BBC Video on why we should stay in the EU

This is a BBC video on why we should stay in the EU.

Their description of the video is:

David Cameron has travelled to Brussels hoping to persuade other European leaders to back his plan for reforming Britain's relationship with the other 27 EU countries. It comes ahead of a referendum in which voters in Britain will decide to stay or leave the EU. That vote is expected to happen some time next year.
So what are the benefits of staying or leaving? UKIP's Suzanne Evans and Labour MP Alan Johnson have set out their opposing views for the Victoria Derbyshire programme. Mr Johnson, is fronting Labour's campaign to stay in the EU.

With the EU referendum only weeks away the BBC should be an impartial player in the debate but as the state news outlet for the country many people have complained that they are repeating the Conservative Remain message in their documentaries and news pieces.

What do you think are the BBC being an impartial player in this referendum or are they just the Conservative mouth piece for the Remain campaign?

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  1. The BBC are just the mouthpiece of the state. People attack RT for being the Russian state mouthpiece but the BBC is just the same, we are being force fed Tory propaganda.


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