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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Who Really Rules Us?

Who Really Rules Us?

This is a BBC (UK State run TV channel), documentary on the EU by Jeremy Paxman. In it he looks at who really runs the EU and makes our laws.

The blurb on the video says:

As the EU referendum debate approaches its climax, Jeremy Paxman takes viewers on a journey to the heart of Europe, meeting the movers, shakers and anonymous faces who run the EU. His central question is simple - has the UK given the power to rule it to Europe, and if so, does it matter? Meeting crucial figures like Michael Gove and Nick Clegg, he hears arguments on both sides, whilst also trying to understand just how the incredibly complex organisation operates. On his journey he struggles through the Parliamentarian (an EU museum that tries to explain the place), tries on a replica of Margaret Thatcher's famous EU jumper and samples the EU-regulated wares of the Portobello Road.

Do you think anything from the BBC can be believed or do you see it as a state mouthpiece that is always going to be pro-EU whilst the government of the day wants us to remain in the EU?


  1. Paxman is a tool, wouldn't believe a word he says, BBC stooge!

  2. Hasn't he left the BBC now anyway? I always thought he was a bit of Eurosceptic at heart.


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