Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The TRUTH about BREXIT from Stefan Molyneux

The TRUTH about BREXIT from Stefan Molyneux

This is a talk about BREXIT from the anarcho-capitalist and secular libertarian Stefan Molyneux about what he sees as the major reason and point of the EU referendum - migration and the right of English people to keep England English.

You may not agree with his view of multi-culturalism but he does show us how the number of migrants from within the EU and outside the EU has been wildly under-estimated by comparing the Governments projections and estimated figures with the number of National Insurance numbers given out.

This reveals a staggering discrepancy between the Governments projections and the actual number of workers who have come here over the last decade.

His video has the following write up:

On June 23rd, 2016, the United Kingdom determines if it will leave the European Union to re-embrace national sovereignty.

While there are economic scare stories, concerns about international trade complications and fears about the United Kingdom becoming isolated on a world stage – make no mistake that upcoming EU Referendum vote is truly now about Immigration and the European Migrant Crisis.


Has his views changed your mind on voting?

Do you want to continue to live in an "English" England or don't you mind that we are being lied to by our Government about the current levels of migration.

Is a multi-cultural country ideal in your eyes or can you remember the times before the free movement of people when people could get council houses, doctors surgeries were not lotteries to get seen by a doctor at, jobs were not competitions with large numbers of people all willing to work for less than you, and you could walk down certain London districts and still know you were in England.

Is it racist to think like that or is there nothing wrong with wanting to go back to a time where the country shared a cultural identity?

Don't forget to vote at the top and let us know what you think of his views in the comment section.

You can view more videos from the free thinker, Stefan Molyneux, over on his YouTube channel.


  1. Some good points raised - I want Britian to remain British - sorry if that makes me a racist!

  2. Your not racist but migrants are holding up the NHS they are a net benefit, most come to work not to ponce off the state


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