Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

BBC Question Time - Michael Gove faces the audience

Micheal Gove on the risk leaving the EU, Trade, Security and Democracy

This is the full debate on last nights Question Time between Vote Leave supporter Michael Grove and the public's questions.

Michael Gove is a Tory MP, working for the Ministry of Justice as well as being a lead member of the Vote Leave campaign.

You can watch the audience take him on in the 3 videos below.

Michael Gove on Question Time - Part 1

Michael Gove on Question Time - Part 2

Michael Gove on Question Time - Part 3

Who do you think of Michael Gove's idea that we should be outside the European Free Trade Zone and trading with the rest of the world.

If this was the case there would be no bias towards trading with any other growing economies in the world. This doesn't include the Antarctic and the EU which are the two only stagnant non growing areas by GDP in the last decade.

From my own experience the migrants that seem to be propping up the NHS are from the Commonwealth, Far East and Africa and thank god they do. Apart from some cleaners I have yet to meet a Polish or Romanian Doctor or nurse. 

I am not saying they don't exist as statistics show that they do work in large numbers in the NHS. I am just saying in my own experience I have met more migrant workers from Africa or the Philippines. We need migrants but we don't want to turn the UK into Poland or Nepal by allowing so many in that we don't recognise our own country any more. 

The South East of England has a very high migrant population where whole working class estates have changed their ethnic make up. In certain boroughs there is no council housing stock remaining for people to put their names on as we all used to be able to do, working or not. Now you only get on the list if you are dying within a year or have a severe disability in some areas where there is low housing association stock. 

I got my own letter from my local council kicking me off the housing list a decade ago saying the remaining housing association stock was all gone due to the high influx of migrants. A single male whether you have a job, severely ill, or homeless is supposed to be able to look after himself in the governments eyes. I was told unless I was dying within a year I "might" get a place - nice.

Michael is not like many in the Vote Remain campaign, a little Englander who doesn't want any immigration he just wants managed migration so that we can check who comes in and who leaves our country. 

Our previous government has been woefully slow in building new houses, expanding schools, hospitals and easing the pressures pushed onto the UK citizens under Labours decision to allow mass migration without limits in 2004 when the doors to the new Easter European countries were opened. 

Therefore letting a third of a million more people each year is not just going to just send the UK population to 70+  million but where are all these new houses to fill a city the size of Liverpool going to come from and where is the room to build them?

If we cannot even build enough new homes for the people already living here how can we even expect to keep building new cities in one of the most crowded counties in the world - migrants or no migrants?

Therefore when it comes to the shortage of housing there are two choices:
- Slow the rate of migration so there is less demand on the houses we still have or,
- Build a hell of a lot more houses. Something no government has done well since after WWII when they had to clear the slums of London and built many new towns around the country to place these ex Londoners.

Why not cut the red tape, make approval for building schemes easier to pass,and always ensure 15%+ OF ALL flats and houses, whether they are in council estates, middle class estates or even the the huge apartments springing up in London that are only visited by their super rich Chinese or Russian owners once a year, only available to Housing Associations.

As for those rich people who never visit their houses they should be forced to allow homeless people to live in them due to them being basically abandoned and not kept in use. By not living in these expensive houses in London they have ruined the local economy as local shops have no customers and the local bars have no-one to drink in them. They are closing all the time.

If new rules need to be implemented to prevent people just buying big houses that are never or hardly used whilst surrounded by hundreds of thousands of homeless people then they should be passed ASAP. 

With so many people homeless or on housing waiting lists allowing the super rich to buy up houses that are hardly lived in seems stupid beyond belief. There has to be a better way and the EU cannot be blamed for this problem. Labour and Conservative governments have all failed to build enough houses in recent decades since Thatcher sold off a large percentage of the council housing that existed.

We need policies that say if you have a second home but don't use it for more than 250 days per year then they should be automatically opened up in some manner so that homeless people can stay there whilst the owners don't want to.

Remember no-on is arguing for a binary argument where we either have no migration or lots of it. It just needs to be controlled. It isn't exactly a nice choice as we need young migrants to pay their taxes to fund the growing old pensioners who need their money. However the ageing population also causes problems for youngsters looking for jobs. If someone is still working at the age of 70 then that is a job a 20 year old out of college can't do.

So far the government has just been raising the age of the pension which means young English people straight out of college cannot get jobs. Currently we are going to have 75 old grannies on reception and 65+ year old computer programmers working in IT departments. All preventing younger workers and ex students from getting work. This is all due to our rubbish and regularly milked pension pot growing bare which is why migration has been allowed to grow to help feed the tax pot.

There has to be a balance where the old stop working so that the jobs can be taken up by the young. It's common sense. At the moment it just drives up unemployment benefits except for the younger unemployed who the Tories have staggered and even prevented from getting unemployment benefits. No wonder the young people of today are mightily pissed off with what our governments are doing to them

Also if we didn't have wage suppression by allowing mass modern day slavery, yes we are currently the 5th largest nation involved in modern day slavery, we cannot possibly help downward pressures on unskilled wages when Romanian and Polish workers are willing to valet and wash you car for a tenner at the local garage.

From the site:

So next tame you get a cheap valet just think that those people working are sleeping 8 to a room or in appalling condition's and have probably had their passports taken off them until they can earn enough money to pay for them back. 

Now how is helping more unskilled and unqualified EU migrants into the country without jobs just so they can be sucked into such despicable jobs that we benefit from helpful to the immigrants?

Also how helpful is it to the unskilled English workers pushed out of jobs due to the downward pressures on the their wages?

Can you name the top 10 jobs that unskilled EU migrants do when entering the UK:

Table 1 - Top ten occupations of foreign-born workers, 2014

Top 10 by workforce share, all migrants%Occupation shareTop 10 by workforce share, recent migrants%Occupation share
1Elementary process plant occupations430.9Elementary process plant occupations190.9
2Cleaning and housekeeping managers340.2Process operatives120.9
3Process operatives320.9Cleaning and housekeeping managers110.2
4Food preparation and hospitality301.5Elementary cleaning occupations82.4
5Health professionals281.7Health professionals71.4
6Elementary cleaning occupations272.4Elementary agricultural occupations70.3
7Managers and proprietors in hospitality250.9Elementary construction occupations70.6
8Natural and social science professionals240.7Assemblers and routine operatives60.9
9Elementary storage occupations231.4Other elementary service occupations63.2
10Assemblers and routine operatives220.9Natural and social science professionals60.7
Note: occupation share indicates the share of total employment represented by the occupation.
Source: Labour Force Survey 2014
Are we really saying we don't have enough UK born people to do these jobs?

If the migrants doing them were not here and pushing wages right down then the department of Employment could easily get a large % of unemployed Brits to take up jobs on assembly lines, construction and food preparation and hospitality.

The problem is that the people hiring these migrants are paying them less than the minimum wage on the hush hush.

We need to stop rich companies abusing and taking advantage of EU workers by paying them a pittance and sue them if they are caught out.

We should also introduce a law that every skilled or non skilled job has to be offered to at least 5 long term unemployed Brits before going out to tender in the EU market. This way at least the people in our own country get a chance at working first.

If no Brit takes the job then fair play, allow a migrant to come over and work for the amount of wages they accept. 

So after Michael's one person debate against the British people what do you think of his views and performance?

Did he handle himself well in the interviews and did any of his arguments sway your mind?

Don't forget to vote only days to go.


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  1. Michael Gove does make some good points and the flip flopping by the Chancellor today is PROJECT FEAR x 1000 and just makes us think he is trying to scare us into voting the Establishment way.

    Come on England when we do we ever get a chance to chance things in this shit country - never - lets kick some of thise posh boys out and take our country back.

  2. I don't like the Tory cxxt but he makes some good arguments and in my mind we are just full to the brim. Whats the point of letting in millions of Poles and Romanians if they are just going to wash our cars to get their passports back and live in qualid condition?

  3. The blokes a Tory bellend dont trust a think that comes out of his mouth - like any Tory

  4. Not all Tories are scum, I admit most are but you do get the oddd one about. Grove seems ok to me,

  5. I worry that as soon as we leave the EU the Toried will sign us up to TTIP bending over to every US company just to get into the gang no matter how it will hurt our NHS and State. Sort of thing they do. EU may refeject it coz of the French but if we leave we dont have the Frogs to protext us


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