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Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Blairites attempt a coup against their leader just at the time we need strong leadership

Blairites attempt a coup against their leader just at the time we need strong leadership

By Dark Politricks

Just at the time we need strong leadership after the EU vote, and the Tory party are split fighting over who should be the next leader, the Labour party decide to mount a coup against their leader.

Hillary Benn was sacked last night for attempting to foment a coup against Jeremy Corbyn, and now loads of Blairites have decided to quit their posts as well.

This is very selfish and dangerous as we cannot have both of the major parties in chaos at the time that the country needs a steady hand, and stability in a post EU world. 

The markets hate instability, and with both the Tories and Labour infighting, and the Prime Minister David Cameron resigning, it is certainly not the right time for Labour Blairite traitors to try and split their own party up.

Don't they remember that Jeremy Corbyn had the biggest mandate in Labour history to become leader?

He got so many votes from all 3 sectors, including half a million people who signed up as affiliate members so that they could vote in the leadership election, that he won overwhelmingly.

Therefore the Blairites are really stupid to attempt a coup at this time. They really are a disgrace to all the millions of Labour voters, who voted to leave the EU for very good reasons.

How they can blame Jeremy Corbyn for losing the remain vote, I really have no idea.

It really is a stupid opportunistic attack at the wrong time in my opinion, and one they have been plotting for months. They never accepted the leadership vote and have been waiting for a time to attack Corbyn for ages.

All the Labour voters who chose to vote out had very good reasons to do so and none of that could be changed by Jeremy Corbyn just telling them to vote to remain.

These reasons include: the lack of democracy within the EU, the pressure on public services they rely on, longer waiting times at the NHS, plus the constant downward push on wages to the lowest common EU level.

This is all caused by the rich globalist elites who make their money from lower wages, and it is these international corporations and bankers, or the powerful 1%, who wanted us to stay in the EU and gain from many poor peoples suffering due to it.

Therefore it is mostly millions of Labour voters who suffered the most from the EU and the push towards globalism.

Blairites like Hillary Benn and the Tories are constantly pushing towards more globalist, central governance, and this has an effect on people lives that they obviously don't understand. Why? Because they don't suffer like the majority of people in this country.

When they are ill they don't have to wait 6 months for a hospital appointment, they go to BUPA, or their private doctor.

They don't have to worry about their wages, as they get to vote on how much they get paid.

They don't have to wait years for a council house, as they get paid enough to live in 2 house. Usually one in their constituency and one in London so they can live near work.

Therefore they have no concept of what normal people have to go through.

They just don’t understand why millions of Labour voters would chose to leave the EU.

Hillary's dad, Tony Benn, was vehemently anti-EU, and he would have been ashamed of his son if he was still alive.

What did Tony Benn say about the EU?
  • What powers do you have?
  • Who gave them to you?
  • On whose behalf are you using them?
  • And how can we get rid of you?

Well the EU has a lot of powers, we the people didn’t vote to give them those power, they are using them on behalf of the globalists and big international corporations, and the people of the UK just voted to get rid of them.

You can watch him in action now.

So with the Labour party splitting itself up, and the Tories doing the same. I wouldn't be surprised if a new political party based around MP's who wanted to remain in the EU was formed. It probably will be full of Tories who wanted to stay in the EU and Blairites, who are in reality just Tory Lite.

Tony Blair was sometimes more right wing than the Tories. Especially when it came to our democracy and civil rights.

He removed many rights including those to protest, to remain silent without prejudice if arrested, and he turned the UK into the most surveilled nation on earth. We have CCTV cameras on every lamppost and shop corner and are monitored constantly online by GCHQ. Also the Lisbon treaty (or European Constitution) was signed under Blairs successor and partner in crime for decades, Gordon Brown.

So never think of the Blairites as left wing they aren't. 

If they were true left wing MP's they would be supporting their leader not trying to overthrow him at a time of major instability.

This is what George Galloway another major personality from the left who voted to leave the EU has to say about the current Labour coup, and the possible split within the Labour party.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that we will see two Labour parties, one based around the millions of Labour voters, members and affiliates who support Corbyn, and one filled with Blairites?

Or do you think we might see some sort of party based around Tories and Blairites who all wanted to remain in the EU instead?

Let me know.

Don't forget to vote at the top of the page if you think leaving the EU was the right thing to do or not.

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By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks


  1. The Blairites are true blue Labour. They really shouldn't be in the Labour party anyway they are too right wing for working people and the majority of Labour Voters.

  2. Screw the traitors and Blairite scum they should go an join the Tories they are so right wing. Tony Blair should be in jail for war crimes anyway!


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