Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Reasons To Stay and To Leave

Reasons To Stay and To Leave

Still not sure which way to vote tomorrow then maybe these two short videos could help you.

Arguments To stay and to leave the EU...

The first video is from the Daily Telegraph and is a short video about why you should vote to leave the EU.

It claims to help voters get to the heart of the Vote Leave campaign by listing their key claims.

What did you think?

Did it help you get to the heart of the matter regarding leaving the EU?

But what about remaining in the EU?

This video is a short one from the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign and offers some points why we should vote to remain in the EU such as:

What would BREXIT mean for you and your family and why is it important that the UK remains part of the EU?

- Over 3 million jobs are linked to our trade with the EU.

- Being in the EU means lower prices in our shops, helping your family budget to go further.

- Our country is safer thanks to cross-European intelligence sharing and cooperation, and the European Arrest Warrant.

- Being in Europe means the freedom to live, travel, work and retire abroad.

Did that video help you at all?

Still confused?

Read some more articles and watch some more videos on this site. It has a lot from both the remain and leave side so is unbiased in it's point of view.

The whole point of this blog is to help you decide which way to vote by providing you content from both the leave and remain campaigns.

Hopefully it well help you enter the voting booth tomorrow with a clear mind on how you will vote.


  1. I will be voting to remain in the EU, too risky to leave when we don't know what will happen. I reckon George Osborne (if still in a job) and his EU Emergency Budget is just an excuse for pushing through more austerity measures under the guise of having left the EU. Can't trust Tories!

  2. At least if we vote to leave we will be able to use the money currently given to the EU to help reduce the austerity measures. I don't believe we will be dragged instantly into a huge recession. The pound may slide for a bit but we will recover and be stronger for it just like after Black Wednesday, we devalued and then went into one of the strongest periods of growth we have had. Just think all that money we have given the EU over the years would have prevented all the austerity measures the Tories and Tory/Libs have implemented since the big crash happened in 2008.


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