Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Why the left voted to Leave the EU

Why the left voted to Leave the EU

The votes came in during Thursday night, and the world woke up to shock on Friday morning. The UK had voted to leave the EU.

There is no denying that the voting was very close with 51.9% people voting to leave and 48.1% of UK citizens voting to stay.

This map of the UK on the BBC news site shows the breakdown of the vote.

There is also no denying that the UK is now very split because of the decision. Apart from London, the cosmopolitan city of the world where a hundred nations have their own "China Town" areas, the rest of England voted to leave in strong numbers.

Wales also overwhelmingly voted to leave, but Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay. This is obviously going to cause many further issues with the SNP already calling for another referendum on leaving the UK.

We could be seeing the breakup of the UK and maybe even the EU with many other nations wanting their own vote to leave the EU.

However despite the issues many people will be wondering why so many people on the left side of politics voted to leave the EU.

We already knew that huge swathes of right wing Tories and UKIP supporters have been waiting for years for a chance to vote to leave the EU, but lots of you will be wondering why so many left wing and Labour voters chose to also vote to leave the EU.

Isn't the left supposed to be all for the EU, and the social aspects of a Europe. An area where we all are one people on the same continent, working and living where we want, and having our rights protected on a European level?

Well this video might help you understand why left wing voters decided to support a BREXIT.

It's a talk by Mark Blyth a professor of Political Economy at Brown University.

In the video he talks about the BREXIT vote and the ramifications for the ‎UK and ‎Europe.

He also considers the current situation in ‎Greece and the long run effects of what he calls "Trampism".

It is well worth watching if you are wondering why people voted to leave from the left.

So did that video help you understand why the left voted to leave the EU?

Remember, the Blairites are not real left wingers and their opportunistic attack on Jeremy Corbyn just proves that fact.

Labour is supposed to be the party of the workers but many of the poor white working class Labour voters have been the people to suffer worst from globalism and "free trade", a system where prices and wages are pressured downwards to the lowest level.

You could be having your job threatened by workers from the Eastern European countries who are willing to work for less than you.

Or you could be waiting long times for doctors appointments due to the large number of people needing the services and not enough GP's and consultants to handle the pressures.

Or you see successive right wing (Blairite and Tory) Governments not funding our public services to the right levels, or building enough council houses.

If so then you are going to be angry and pissed off.

Who are you going to blame?

Well many people on the right have blamed the migrants but many on the left blame the establishment and the constant push towards globalism.

The UK government, Blairites, the EU and all the other globalist entities including the worldwide corporations who benefit from cheap labour and their ability to base companies in cheap tax havens, are the ones who have been the ire of many on the left.

These people are not racist they are just suffering, and they see the EU and other global forces and ideas such as the TTIP trade agreement. 

This is one agreement which we are now hopefully out of due to it being agreed on an EU / US level. 

The forces who want TTIP have helped push countries to offshore their jobs to lower wage countries and allow cheap labour to flood into the UK. These are all globalist plans which have hurt so many poor unskilled, skilled and even professional workers.

So hopefully that video will help you understand why many on the left wing voted for BREXIT and it may even make you think that it was the right decision.

Let me know in the new poll at the top of the page,

68% of you voted to leave in the last poll so that may tell you something about the division in the country over the EU referendum vote. It's definitely a country split down the middle on the EU.

However now we have left you many have changed your mind about your decision.

Put your mouse where your heart is and tell me what you think.


  1. Yes I agree the left voted due to wage pressure and our services being overwhelmed which we all rely on. Rich people can go to private doctors when ill we have to wait months for appointments. Rich can OWN companies with cheap labour, WE are the cheap labour and have our wages pushed down due to all the Polish and Romanians who are willing to work for less than us. Corybn for PM - we need a new election!

  2. I voted leave and I vote Labour. Many people with good jobs just don't understand how hard it is to compete for jobs with people who are willing to work for less than you. It's cushy if you got the money.

  3. Agree totally fuck gloabilism

  4. I am still shocked your right wing Nazi bastards chose to leave the EU whats wrong with you pricks have you had your brains kicked out or something. The pound has fallen to massive lows so has the FTSE and we will be punished by the EU for leaving. You have fucked us all up.

  5. I guess thats why you chose to remain anonymous you arsehole. Don't you realise people are suffering all over the EU because of it from Greece to Spain to Italy and more. Germany is doing well that's all that matters seeing they basically run the show. Get some perspective you nob head.


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