Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Daniel Hannan Invites You To Make Him Redundant

Daniel Hannan Invites You To Make Him Redundant

Euro MP, Daniel Hannan, invites you to make him jobless by voting to leave the EU. As he says in his speech the only two areas in the world without growth have been Antarctica and the EU

How is it this is not mentioned more than it is when people talk about trade and GDP

Also what about the amount of money we have given the EU over the years of austerity. As he points out the money we have given Europe would have negated the whole austerity program making it totally unneccessary.

However the most important point is that the EU is undemocratic and we cannot unelect the people making our laws. Do you feel that this is an important part of a nation state, being able to kick out the people who decide how your taxes are spent?

The blurb on the video says: 

In just 400 seconds Dan dismantles 40 years of EU inefficiency, corruption and down right un-democratic structure. This opening speech by Dan was part of a debate entitled 'Should Britain Leave the EU?' 


Did you like Daniel's speech, did it make you think that a BREXIT wouldn't be so bad after all?

Don't forget to vote!


  1. I like Daniel and agree that we should be able to vote out the people that make our laws. We are the 5th biggest economy in the world for gods sake why can't we run ourselves we did ok before joining the EU for 400 years or so!

  2. He's good at making speeches but he ignores what might happen with the other EU countries when they see us leave. They might increase tariffs, not allow our pensioners to stay in Spain without Visa's or any other number of measures I am sure are not past petty EU bureaucrats.

  3. Yeah I doubt that very much. They sell more to us than we buy from them they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Plus loads of French live here in London so if they kicked out our pensioners we would do the same.


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