Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Hillary Benn on why we should vote to remain in the EU

Hillary Benn on why we should vote to remain in the EU

The Labour MP, Hilary Benn, gives an interview on his support for staying in EU, totally against his fathers opinions which you can view here by clicking this link for an interview with Tony Benn.

The video calls it a car crash interview due to his stumbling across topics such as:

  1. The UK cannot stop EU immigrants while in EU. 
  2. Our housing problem. 
  3. Labour's support for TTIP which will allow American corporations to buy up our remaining national industries and even sue us if we introduce laws which will cost them profits.

Do you think this is a car crash interview?

Does the thought of US global corporations buying up the UK and suing us for costing them profits scare you?

If it does would being inside the EU with a threat of the French vetoing the whole TTIP treaty which has been negotiated on an EU level make you feel safer than being at the mercy of Blairites and Tories who would undoubtedly sign us up for TTIP as soon as they can if we left?

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  1. I have no doubt in the world that if we left the EU that our government whether Tory or Labour would sign us up for TTIP anyway. Staying in the EU just on the hope that the French will veto it in the Council of Ministers could backfire - what happens if they don't?


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