Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Owen Jones - 6 Reasons To Vote To Remain iIn The EU

Owen Jones - 6 Reasons To Vote To Remain iIn The EU

Political commentator and journalist Owen Jones gives you 6 reasons to vote to remain in the EU.

1. Workers rights, paid annual leave and sick pay. All protected by our membership of the EU. Would the Tories protect us if we leave? Can we trust Boris Johnson not to strip of us our rights.

2. European wide actions on banksters, wealthy elite tax avoiders and climate change. EU finance ministers have put some action into practise which wouldn't have happened if it was down to the Tories, many of who are involved as the Panama Papers recently showed us.

Watch the video for the rest of the points.

We need to vote Remain in the EU referendum - to build a just, democratic Europe. The EU is far from perfect. It needs to become more democratic, more transparent and to start looking out for the people it represents ahead of corporate interests.

By uniting with people across Europe, we have a chance of achieving it.

What do you think of Owens points?

Are we better in together, as a left wing Eurosceptic Owen believes we can change the EU from the inside out. Is that a real possibility?


  1. He is wrong though if Turkey joins loads of people will come and enter Europe. It's not fear of immigrants it's the fact our country is full already. Our government is not building enough houses as it is so how can we cope with a city of Liverpool each year being built?

  2. I suppose he has some good points coming from the left but is it even possible to change the EU, we haven't managed it in decades so why does he think we can now?

  3. The Tories would sign us up to TTIP OR WORSE ASAP if we come out of the EU. At least the French are threatening to block it as we are bending over to our American overlords.


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