Should we have left the EU - Vote Below?

Should we have left the EU - Vote below

Should we have left the EU?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Michael Gove putting forward a positive case for leaving the EU

Michael Gove putting forward a positive case for leaving the EU

This is a recent question and answer session between Andrew Marr and the the Vote Leave MP, Michael Gove, in which he puts forward a positive case for leaving the EU.

In 2014, Gove was moved to the post of Chief Whip. Following the 2015 election, Gove was promoted to the offices of Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

In 2016, Michael Gove has played a major role in the UK's referendum on EU membership as a leader of Vote Leave. He has even been prepared to be dismissed from the Cabinet if the UK votes to Remain in the EU which go against his wish to leave.

"I don't mind if my Cabinet career is over," the Justice Secretary said.

"I think the most important thing is to make a principled case for Britain leaving the EU."

In this debate with Andrew Marr in which Michael Gove says:
The European "establishment" wants the UK to remain in the EU, Justice Secretary Michael Gove has claimed, because it is in their interest to do so given the current balance of trade. But the UK should be driven by its own national interest and what is a "win-win" for it - notably control over its borders, the ability to decide how it spends its money and "greater democratic control". The EU "needs to think again", he adds.

It seems that evey day Project Fear are bringing out new warnings such as George Osborne yesterday claiming that if we left the EU we would have to call an immediate Budget where we would have to slash public spending on the NHS and put taxes up to fill the instantaneous multi billion pound hole that would suddenly envelope us.

How this debt would suddenly come out of nowhere, considering a BREXIT would take years to organise, I don't know.

However I have no doubt George Osborne is doing it for 2 reasons:

1. If they really thought leaving the EU would cause a massive recession, World War III and trade tariffs instantly then they have been derelict in their duty by even offering us a referendum in the first place. The PM and Chancellor were not being so doom and gloomy before we went into negotiations. So either the negotiations went very badly and everything David Cameron wanted was dismissed, leaving him with some feeble options to stay paying for the EU and their EURO Bailouts while all the time fobbing off the UK public with some watered down ideas based around delayed benefit changes for EU migrants. Or they didn't think the British people would ever vote to leave anyway.

Not many people realise that this welfare bill will not stop European immigration. So more Europeans, up to the size of a City of Liverpool a year, will still come to our shores, All it does is just extend the time they have to be here before claiming benefits. So if Europeans have money, jobs or a way to survive that is not going to stop them coming to the UK if they want to putting pressure on the NHS, schools and other public services.
Also there is the new idea of an Economic Stabilisation Fund. This is a piece of EU law that demands any EU country has a time limit to supply the EU with ANY amount of money (Billions), that they ask from them in case of another EURO crisis, which is on the cards. The worst think about this is that they are waiting until after the EU Referendum to sign this off by our duplicitous leaders.
We need to leave the European Court of Justice to prevent them making deals with the US who have far laxer privacy rules than the EU. Just like the SWIFT Banking agreement where our own data protection laws give some level of protection. Despite this the Americans demand all bank transactions from within the EU so that they can built their super spy computers under UTAH to analyse them looking for dodgy transactions and signs of terrorism.

We also need to leave if we want to implement our own form of the Human Rights Act and send home jihadists caught before or returning from the war or about to commit terrorist crimes. The Humans Right Act is a great thing as it protects our workers rights, holidays ans sick pay and give us a right to a family life with out government interference. However with this set of laws we cannot deport convicted terrorist prisoners once their jail time is up due to the Human Right to a Family Life. We need to just take things like this on the chin, ignore the EU law, and do it anyway like the French do. We do have the power to overrule the EU if we want especially if it is related to security. What is worse an EU fine or having ISIS jihadis and al-Qaeda funders running all over the UK.

2. Another reason George would be threatening another budget is an excuse to implement more Austerity measures but have the cover of "you voted for it so it's your fault". The Tories would love to gut the NHS and social security and join us up into the TTIP if we-left the EU and the EU negotiations fail.

Are we 100% sure that the Tories would spent any of the money saved from not paying the claimed £320+ million a day (minus rebates) to the EU to the NHS and schools instead. Can we be sure that the Tories would protect our workers rights that many of them call "red tape"?
It has only been European solidarity that has seen TTIP almost in tatters and the farmers of France rioting over it's implementation. Only with EU solidarity has workers rights given us paid weekends, paid holidays and paid slick leave, many of which are not even available in big US companies like Walmart. If the Tories see holidays and sick pay as "red tape" would they abolish or reduce our rights to them or would they be protected at all costs? I would feel much safer if it was a Labour government in power during this vote.


What do you think of Tory Cabinet minister and Vote Leave campaigner, Michael Gove, voting against his PM and George Osborne?

George Osborne has been ramping up project fear the last 2 days by saying we would need emergency budgets to slash spending in the NHS, raise pension ages and other draconian austerity measures. 

All the sort of things aimed at scaring normal woman and men into voting for the status quo - just to be on the safe side.

Just remember this.

If George Osborne and David Cameron REALLY, HONESTLY, thought that leaving the EU would cause this much danger to our economy. With threats of WW III even being bandied about and the breakup of the EU talked about if we left.

If they truly believed that would happen then do you really think they would have been saying so many Euroscpetic messages for the past decades and within the last parliament and especially in opposition?

If they honestly thought we are going to head into a recession and the sky is going to fall on our heads, then they were lying about that back then. It's either that or they are more scared of losing the vote now they are true European Establishment Elitists.

Any government who allows the people to make such an important choice knowing that if they vote one way a financial Armageddon would face us is derelict in their duty for even offering us the choice to vote in the first place.

It was not that long back when David Cameron was offering to lead the vote out of the EU if he didn't get what he wanted in his watered down, worthless deal from Europe.

So please take that in mind when you consider voting - the first casualty of any war OR political debate is TRUTH!

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  1. I think Grove is posh nob who has no real understanding of a common man or womans life in this country. However if David Cameron had brought back those points you mentioned then I reckon it would have been enough to placate a lot people not to vote to leave. A Citizenship card to replace the NI card would be good. Give you access to all social security, benefits, NHS, GP, Chemist, Pensions and used as ID with a photo on as well. As long as there is not RFID or tracker or biometrics which the Tories voted against when Labour proposed such a card. Plus getting all migrants to do a course to get their card, involving learning English and our customs and laws would be a great idea.

  2. I have no idea what David Cameron actually went into negotiate for as I guess it was a lot more than he go back. I bet he asked for some of these things and was just told "non" "nein", "nada", by the other leaders and he was granted the most feable weak agreement at all. if he does our post BREXIT treaty negotiations God help us, we will end up like Norwway with no say, free movement of people and paying shit loads of cash to the EU regulsrly

  3. Agree, if do vote Leave, we need to hire some top US lawyer maybe the one who got OJ off a double murder. Someone who takes no shit and says "right we are fucking off now, you can either carry on selling your Cars, leather shoes, clothes, milk and meat at taffif free prices or we will just source them from New Zealand, Austraia, USA and ex commonwealth countries which will do us a good deal - you lose especially if they want to introduce that European Economic Stability fund (details on this blog) - that demands any amount of money off us whether we are n the Euro or EU to bail out more Greek like countries that had their books cooked by Goldman Saches to get into the EU. I don't see the point of that

  4. 100% Derilict in their duty for offering plebs and people with no clue about the ramifications of leaving the EU to a public vote. If Osborne and Cameron really thought it was that dangerous they wouldn't have offered us a vote UNLESS they didn't beleive their own poll numbers and thought it would another hung parliament and that the LibDems would ensure the vote never happened.


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